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We’re dedicated to serving the communities in which we live and work.  We mentor, advocate, and work to accomplish community and charitable goals and dreams.  We do this by partnering with client organizations to determine exactly what is needed, and then address those needs through the following services:

  • Organizational Planning, and Meeting Facilitation
  • Outreach and Education Programs
  • Fund-Raising Campaigns
  • Branding, Program Graphics, Promotional Videos, and Photography
  • Materials Development,Document Formatting,  and Newsletters/Mailer Publishing

Here’s how we work:

  • Initial consultations are free to you.  Costs are covered by our financial partners.  We’ll help you define your objectives, strategies, and measurement metrics for the project.
  • We work with you to research your target audience’s needs, their receptivity to the message, and preferred distribution method.  Your agency pays just 50% of these costs (often less).
  • We  create the text , identify or create the graphics, and develop the content presentation.  Your agency pays for only the first draft.
  • We will revise the content to your liking up to 3 revisions at no cost to you.
  • Any additional revisions are paid for by your agency at a negotiated hourly rate.
  • We’ll deliver the final content so that you can arrange for printing or production.  If you’d like us to manage the print and production process we will do that for a fee.  You pay any licensing fees for art, or print/external production costs.
  • If there’s a project you have in mind that is outside our expertise, we’ll let you know and help you identify a resource that can meet your needs.

We’ll even work with you to secure grant money to finance the cost of our services!

Become a client.  Contact us today!

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