We exist to help you.

Virginia Nonprofit Strategic Outreach Services  is dedicated to helping 501(c)(3) nonprofits accomplish their missions by improving agencies’ marketing, outreach, public relations, and impact in the communities they serve; and by finding common cause between agencies to advance joint goals and ideals.

We were established by Dwight Johnson, a marketing, public-relations, and content-development specialist with over 30 years of experience in nonprofit, private-sector, and government contracting.  His decision to establish an organization for the benefit of local charities evolved from his work with the United Way of Augusta County, where he serves on the Board of Directors, is Secretary of the Board’s Executive Committee, and chairs the Community Relations Committee.

My annual involvement in the United Way’s Citizen Investment Review Process, during which team members review funding applications and participate in site visits, has allowed me to talk with the directors and board members of local charities about their missions, opportunities, and hurdles.  Based dozens of these site visits, I realized that many of these organizations need more than funding support.

Charities often excel at meeting their core mission, but are limited in their ability to advance their message, reach new markets, and influence stakeholders.  Boards of directors often identify a communications need and how they would like to address that need, but lack skills or resources to implement a solution, or identify a need and do not know how to meet that need.

Often, these needs can be fully or partially addressed by planning, outreach, marketing, and public relations.

~Dwight Johnson

Rather than attempt to join multiple boards and become involved in all aspects of each organization’s operations, Dwight decided to establish an organization that could lend his expertise, skills, and network of talent to as many non-profits as possible, for as long as needed.

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